Software Developer

Born & raised in Seoul, Korea.
Residing in Cleveland, OH.

Hun Jae Lee


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Case Western Reserve University•Cleveland, OH - May 2017
  • Activities: Member, Hacker Society


  • Proficient in Ruby on Rails, Swift, HTML/CSS
  • Familiar with Python, PHP, Git, UNIX Environment (macOS, Ubuntu)
  • Technologies include Atom/Sublime Text, vim, Docker, Ansible, Xcode
  • Fluent in Korean and English, experienced in translation and interpretation.


Software Engineer Intern•Cleveland, OH (May-Jul 2017)
  • Automated Ubuntu system configuration using Ansible and Docker
  • Researched SAML integration to Rails’s Devise/Warden authentication framework
  • Enhanced data readability via implementing user interface with Chart.js
  • Skills used: Ansible, Docker, Rails (Ruby)
Quality Assurance & System Engineer Intern ISE Commerce•Seoul, Korea (May-Nov 2015)
  • Conducted load/stress tests on WAS and DB servers using Apache JMeter
  • Assisted sysadmin in tuning server configurations to satisfy expected user flow during peak days
  • Set up servers on Chinese cloud platform service ( with replicated architecture
  • Skills used: Ruby, Apache JMeter
Intern, WIZWID team ISE Commerce•Seoul, Korea (Apr-Jun 2011)
  • Assured the quality of the product website by vigorously checking web standards
  • Registered, identified, and managed over 1000 stock keeping units stored in different warehouses using IBM WebSphere e-Commerce Solution
  • Skills used: HTML/CSS, JSP
Web Developer M2COMM•Seoul, Korea(May-Aug 2009)
  • Updated/managed websites upon client’s request
  • Supported technical issues for over 100 employees
  • Skills used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript

Other Experience

Member 9XD•Seoul, Korea (May 2016 - present)
  • Actively participating in open source activities
Boatswain’s Mate (E-5) Republic of Korea Navy•Jinhae, Korea (Jun 2011 - May 2013)
  • Sailed around the Pacific Ocean and visited
  • Received Admiral’s Honorary Certification (RADM Park, Moon-Young, Dec. 2012)